Re: [PATCH] man2hlp breaks links in help file

Hello Pavel,

Pavel Tsekov wrote:

isn't it better  to rip the link wrapping code out of
man2hlp.c and move it in the help viewer ? I think this
would be better fix in the long term.

I think that doing all line wrapping in the Help Viewer "on the fly"
will require more changes (like defining a new control character to
mark indented text), though it may be better in long term.
This is a larger amount of work, compared to my tiny patch :)

Another possible way is to add to the Help Viewer a code that will
squeeze several spaces to one space
("Directory        Tree"  -->  "Directory Tree").
But I think that it is better not to produce such broken
links at all (i.e. to fix man2hlp.c) instead of
producing them and then fixing in the Help Viewer.


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