Re: [PATCH] man2hlp breaks links in help file

Hello Grogory,

On Mon, 20 Nov 2006, Grigory Trenin wrote:

src/man2hlp.c utility sometimes replaces spaces in the link target with newlines.
There is a workaround code in src/help.c:141, which handles that case.

But it doesn't always help. If the link is used inside the indented
block (made by .TP tag), man2hlp will insert additional spaces inside the link.
For example, the link "Directory tree" will become "Directory\n        Tree".
This will result to a broken link.

I understand what's wrong but I'll need your help before
checking your patch. Since you already looked at that
code I'll ask you first before looking at the code myself -
isn't it better  to rip the link wrapping code out of
man2hlp.c and move it in the help viewer ? I think this
would be better fix in the long term.


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