Re: midnight commander reloaded (?)


> >Maybe it should be permitted to modify an existing 
> >project (I believe
> >there is a file manager in Python) to match all 
> >significant features of
> >mc.  Although non-Python programmers would be at 
> >disadvantage in this
> >case.
> I've tried ZC (Zemljanka Commander) at one point and I 
> wasn't very fascinated. It is written in Python if I 
> remember correctly and uses
> GTK+/Gnome for the GUI. I am not sure but maybe one of 
> the authors
> used to work on MC in the past.

That was me. Well, ZC was college project, so it unfortunately ended
when grades were given.

It was written in C, mostly; and because being gtk+ meant it had to be
threaded, things were not too easy.

Take a look at krusader -- similar to zc. Unfortunately gui
programming is hard :-(.
Thanks for all the (sleeping) penguins.

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