Re: ["PATCH"] Re: Mailfs date problem

On Fri, 26 May 2006, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

Attached file is a replacement for mailfs. Please test. It parses the
dates back to 3 elements. Used ranges are estimates that are slightly
larger than the ranges used by file_date, but this avoids overly complex
equations and file_date parses them back to a "correct" representation

The new mailfs script does indeed produce dates consisting of 3 fieds however its major drawback seems to be that it is very slow. The old
script processes a mailbox of size ~7.5 Mb in just a few seconds while
the new one takes 2-3 minutes to complete! See the output of time on
my SPARC machine runnning Solaris 10:

Old mailfs:

real        1.4
user        1.2
sys         0.0

New mailfs:a

real     2:39.8
user        2.0
sys         1.2

There is another problem with mail messages which contain in their bodies the word From at the start of a line. They produce output like this:

-r-------- 1 100 100 936 01-01-80 099_none_none

Which in turn make MC complain. This is not a regression though - the old mailfs behaves the same way.

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