Re: Midnight Commander mod with Colorer-take5 syntax engine

On Wed, 21 Jun 2006, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

There are also some questions which I believe should be discussed.
At first there is one C++ file in this mod (to link with c++ colorer
code). As far as I understand MC uses C only. Is this a problem?

Yes, it might. The overall approach towards accepted language constructs
is a bit conservative to maintain compatibility with older systems.
Would it be much work to rewrite these parts?

Yes it will take a lot of work - colorer is written entirely in C++ .
Thus there is a thin wrapper to translate from C to C++ and vice
versa. In my opinion this is not a big deal and a necessary sacrifice.
For system which do not have C++ support obviously colorer syntax highlighting would be disabled by configure.

Since I have tried to embed colorer in MC in the past I have
configure code that deals with those issues.

Another is that this mod dynamically links to the libcolorer - this
means that to use it, colorer library should be installed in system.
This introduces MC additional dependency.

This is why I do not want to make colorer the default. I think this is
something we should leave to the distributions.

This we are not going to make it the default (at least not at this time).
This can be achieved with configure too - I have code for that too.

I still haven't looked at the patch that Igor sent today but I'll
do that as soon as I get some free time. I am willing to make the
necessary changes to MC to adopt Igor's patch. I think patch has great

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