Re: Bugzilla submits only against >= 4.6.1


On Sat, 2006-06-17 at 14:52 +0200, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
> Hello Pavel,
> IMO it doesn't make much sense for people to be able to report bugs
> against mc versions older than 4.6.1. I presume most developers will
> agree with me (please protest if not).
> Could you please update the Savannah bugs "Release" drop down menu to
> only contain the following elements?
> older than 4.6.1 (upgrade first!)
> 4.6.1
> current (CVS or snapshot)

I think that would be solving a social problem using technical means.
If you check Red Hat's Bugzilla you'll see that it's possible to enter a
bug e.g. for Fedora Core 1.

Some bugs can be more long-lived than you may think.  I believe the
quality of the bug report should be judged not only by the version.
Bugs against old versions should be discouraged, but not outright

Besides, there is only one bug filed for "older than 4.5.55".

> I don't think we need the entries "All versions" and "None" but these
> might be hard coded default entries.

"None" is hardcoded, "All versions" is not.  I think "all version" is a
valid value in some cases.

Pavel Roskin

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