Re: utf8 patch for mc, slang 2 version

On Sun, Jun 11, 2006 at 01:08:46PM +0200, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

> Egmonts patches are worth looking at. I've blatantly ignored pushing
> them to you as I'd expected you to integrate them over time. I've
> probably not made it clear enough to you before that these patches are
> worth considering.

These patches hardly change nowadays. They only change if:

 - I face a new utf8 related bug in mc. It didn't happen in the last ~1.5
   years (except for the off-by-one fix), and I always use the same small
   subset of mc's features, so it's unlikely for this to happen.

 - Something else (e.g. slang) is upgraded which introduces or
   triggers new bugs.

 - mc is upgraded in our distro. This will only happen if a new mainstream
   version is released. I don't want to bother with CVS snapshots, 4.6.1 is
   working reasonably well.

After all, I'll try not to forget to mention it here if anything noticable
changes in these patches. It's much simpler this way than for anyone to keep
track of our changes.

Finally, note that while these patches fix many issues with single-width
UTF-8 characters, they may be really buggy with double-width (CJK) or
zero-width Unicode characters, since I often assume that each Unicode entity
occupies one column. I know it is totally false and I already knew it when I
created these patches, but doing these things right would have required much
more efforts.


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