Re: utf8 patch for mc, slang 2 version

> >
> > In non-UTF-8 mode slang2 behaves a bit different than the patched slang1.
> > As a result, mc does work with 8bit encodings, like 8859-2 or KOI8.
> > The attached patch fixes the SLsmg_write_nwchars() function to be fully
> > compatible with the slang1 version and uses it consistently instead of
> > SLsmg_write_char(). It should be applied on top of all the previous
> > patches.
> Thanks for the patch. The last hunk didn't apply as there's no
> view_add_character used in editdraw.c.
My patch is based on mc-4.6.1
The idea is to replace all occurrences of SLsmg_write_char with
the now fixed SLsmg_write_nwchars, because it is the only way
that works in all locales.

Vladimir Nadvornik

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