Re: utf8 patch for mc, slang 2 version

Hi Vladimir (and others),

I've just upgraded to slang-2 in our distro and also updated the UTF-8
patches to mc-4.6.1 (based on SUSE's version). It was easier than I thought
it would be. I was glad to see that you had applied plenty of my patches in
SUSE (those named "00-*"). Please take a look at here again:

00-77 had to be updated to slang-2. When a user searches for a file by ^S,
panel->search_buffer is filled up individually with every single byte
pressed. Hence it often contains partial UTF-8 string. Displaying it just
happened to work with slang-1, but slang-2 prints the partial UTF-8 as
"<C3>" or similar. As a result, the cyan box overflows: if you search in the
left panel for an existing accented filename, two cyan blocks appear in the
right panel. The updated patch first finds the longest valid UTF-8 prefix of
the string and only prints that part.

You might find 00-79 useful too, it fixes an off-by-one bug introduced by
the UTF-8 patches that causes Alt+Backspace to behave differently (erase a
whole word and one more character, usually a space) than in bash or in
vanilla mc (erase only the word).



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