Directory Tree feature


I find the directory tree feature quite obscure and unusable ? Does anyone here feel the same way ? If this is the case I'd like that we discuss how it could be improved.

There are several things which I think make the directory tree totally unusable:

* When I invoke the "Directory Tree" command and the mode is "Static"
I cannot easily navigate trough the directory structure. I'd expect that
I'd be able to move around the tree using the arrow keys but it doesn't work this way. To enter a directory and list it contents I have to
press Enter which closes the dialog box i.e. I cannot use left and right
to navigate the subdirectories. So if I start from the root directory and want to go to /home/ptsekov it will take to invocations of the Directory Tree dialog to do so.

* The directory tree remebers its state and if I navigate the
directory hierarchy more and more directories become expanded I cannot
close them - this makes the tree pretty hard to navigate.

* The dynamic mode - I fee totally confused when using it. To some degree
it is improvement over the static mode in terms of navigation but all the tree changes just confuse me too much and at some point I just become lost.

* The whole dynamic/static mode thing is just too much - I'd prefer a single user friendly mode.

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