Re: [PATCH] Help Viewer - incorrect behaviour of <up> arrrow key

Pavel Tsekov wrote:

I am not convinced that this patch is better than your first
one. Its basically the same and removes a valid check - it
doesn't fix the issue.

It does fix the _original_ issue. And that one you are talking about
is quite a different thing (see below).
It isn't related to the original issue.
Anyway, saving/restoring 'startpoint' in history won't fix it either.

Try the following:

COLS = 126
LINES = 60

1) F1 (Help)

2) Select "contents" and hit "Enter"

3) Press "Page Down"

   You should end up on "Executing operating systems commands"

4) Press "Up"

You should notice that the marker doesn't select the
previous link as it should.

Why do you expect it?
Why pressing <Up> should scroll _two_ lines up?
It is documented that <Up> key scrolls only _one_ line up.

From MC's help:
down          Move to the next item or scroll a line down.
up            Move to the previous item or scroll a line up.

You need to press "Up"
one more time.

That's right. Because the previous link is two lines up,
you have to press <Up> two times to scroll two lines up.
By the way, <Down> key works the same way.

So Up/Down keys work the way they are documented:
- If prev/next link is visible, jump to it.
- Otherwise, scroll one line up or down.

If we modify it to always jump to the prev/next link
even if the link is not visible, it would be easier
to navigate in the contents. But it may bring confusion
while navigating inside the node.
IMHO, scrolling _always_ one line up is more natural
and predictable behaviour.

But let me return to the original issue and the patch.
Of course I am not saying that it is the best, but I
thoroughly analyzed the source and came to conclusion
that the check and 'startpoint' are not needed. Really.
Waiting for your decision.

P.S. Sorry for the late reply but I have some problems
which I need to take care of.

If I am annoying you with such a simple issue, just say it :)


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