Re: [PATCH] Help Viewer - incorrect behaviour of <up> arrrow key

Hello Grigory,

On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, Grigory Trenin wrote:

Pavel Tsekov wrote:

I won't apply this patch yet. I want to investigate further.

Oh, now I see that I had hurried over to make that patch.
I'll check everything and make another one. Without haste.

The problem is that the structure which stores the
history of the links followed stores only the
pointer to the start of the node and doesn't store
a pointer to the start of the currently displayed
area of a node. When following a link MC does this:

            history_ptr = (history_ptr+1) % HISTORY_SIZE;
            history [history_ptr].page = currentpoint;
            history [history_ptr].link = selected_item;
            currentpoint = startpoint = help_follow_link (...);

The start of the node in the history is erronously set
to 'currentpoint'. Then when going back to the previous
node via the left key the following code is executed via

    currentpoint = startpoint = history [history_ptr].page;
    selected_item = history [history_ptr].link;

This leads to incorrectly setting 'startpoint' to
the previously recorded value of 'currentpoint' which
is wrong.

I think the correct solution would be to keep both
'startpoint' and 'currentpoint' in the history but I am
open to suggestions.

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