Re: [PATCH] Help Viewer - incorrect behaviour of <up> arrrow key

Hello Grigory,

On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, Grigory Trenin wrote:

Hello Pavel,

Pavel Tsekov wrote:

I think the correct solution would be to keep both
'startpoint' and 'currentpoint' in the history but I am
open to suggestions.

Yes, I thought about it too. This is a good and safe fix.
But I have a suggestion.
Actually, 'startpoint' is used only once at line 315 of help.c:

  p = current_link - 1;
  if (p <= start)
      return 0;
  p = search_char_node (p, CHAR_LINK_START, -1);
  return p;

Here 'current_link' is the pointer to the currently
selected (highlighted) link, and 'start' == 'startpoint'.
Since there can be no situation when currently selected link
is outside of the current topic, (p <= start) expression
becomes true only in one rare case - when the first text in the node
is a link, for example:
^D[Topic name]^ASome link^BSome link^C

In that case 'p' will point to ']' character, and 'start_point' will
point to ^A, so (p <= start) condition will be true. But
this check for (p <= start) condition is not really necessary,
because search_char_node() will not search beyond the topic
boundaries, it will stop at ^D character and return NULL.

So, if that check and the 'startpoint' variable itself are not
really necessary and can be eliminated, why should we mess with
saving/restoring 'startpoint' in the history?

Please look at a new patch - what do you think?
There I removed 'startpoint' as well as the first argument of
select_prev_link() function. And after calling it there is no sense to
check if (selected_item >= last_shown) - this will never happen,
so I removed it also.

I am not convinced that this patch is better than your first
one. Its basically the same and removes a valid check - it
doesn't fix the issue.

Try the following:

COLS = 126
LINES = 60

1) F1 (Help)

2) Select "contents" and hit "Enter"

3) Press "Page Down"

   You should end up on "Executing operating systems commands"

4) Press "Up"

You should notice that the marker doesn't select the
previous link as it should. You need to press "Up"
one more time.

P.S. Sorry for the late reply but I have some problems
which I need to take care of.

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