Pavel Roskin wrote:
On Thu, 2005-05-19 at 00:37 +0200, Roland Illig wrote:
As for m4/ri-gcc-warnings.m4, the idea is not to keep unused files in
the CVS (in the current branch of course, not in history).  It's very
helpful to have only used files in CVS, so one can easier locate where
particular pieces of data (compiler flags in this case) originate.

I didn't complain about this one. :)

I also planned to #define NDEBUG depending on MC_ENABLE_DEBUGGING_CODE, but this issue seems to have gone. :(

I don't like inverse logic, like NDEBUG, or HAVE_NO_SLANG or whatever.
It's much easier to use "positive" values consistently, even if not
having something is more remarkable than having it.

Me neither, but NDEBUG belongs to the ISO C90 and ISO C99 standard library, so we cannot simply change it.

Also, NDEBUG is documented in - it disables assert().  I
don't think it's a good idea.  Failed assertions should terminate the
program.  In my opinion, the only exception is when they are placed by
somebody with the purpose of understanding how the program works.  Then
other users wouldn't need those particular asserts to terminate the

    (GNU) grep -wr assert mc
and see what assert() is used for.


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