Pavel Roskin wrote:
I'm removing MC_ARG_ENABLE_DEVELOPER_MODE now because in my opinion, it
doesn't provide any useful value at all.  If you want that code
restored, please provide arguments and _tested_ code.  I'm also removing
m4/ri-gcc-warnings.m4, which is now unused.

That reminds me that I could also remove all code from you that is faulty.

I think it is more polite to ask the developer who introduced things to remove them, except in urgent or very obvious ones. I already admitted I had introduced some bugs, but they weren't intentional. Without these bugs I find the developer mode quite useful. Just look at my proposed patch for the viewer, which uses that mode extensively. Perhaps you then see what my intention was.

I also planned to #define NDEBUG depending on MC_ENABLE_DEBUGGING_CODE, but this issue seems to have gone. :(


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