Re: New Maintainer for MC Project?

Fudoki Wilkinson wrote:
Roland must be Mr. Icaza's protege, just slinging abuse and saying no
before the offer is even on the table;

In my opinion the offer of taking over mc could not have been expressed more clearly. I had already been on the table when I said "no". The latest statement from Pavel Roskin proves that my initial guess was right.

but he had already been identified as a "cry baby" and had no future
with the Krew;

I don't care about that. I have looked at some of your source code and the bulletin board, which convinced me that the mc team is more suitable for me.

mainly due to his private notes to our Marketing Manager blasting the
MC Project and it's Maintainers.

"private" notes? I only wrote mails to public mailing lists, mc-devel in particular. So this statement is clearly wrong.

Making a change is one thing, betraying your own team and backbiting
is another.

But while I was backbiting, I maily adhered to the facts instead of insulting others directly.

Roland and Mr. Icaza should work well together.

Believe it or not, we do. :)


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