Re: New Maintainer for MC Project?


    Thanks for offering to become the new maintainer for Midnight
Commander.   I do not want you to become the "Project Manager" for a
number of reasons:

	* In open source, maintainers are chosen by their merits, before
	  today I have never heard of you.    It is a meritocracy, you
	  have shown none so far.

	* In open source, I have never seen a "project manager", this is
	  an invention of the standard software industry.  There is no 
	  "project manager" for Linux, Samba, x-Windows.

	* Maintainers are people with deep understanding of the codebase
	  and the language the code is written in, so they can make
	  decisions as to what is best for the project on technical 

	* You exhibit the behavior of many people who have no ideas
	  whatsoever about the project but like big titles.  "Public
	  Relations Coordinator", "the leadership", and "Project
	* MC should not be part of the "Krusader family", it is 
	  an independent project, not part of a suite.

	* I dislike people who misspell: "Krusader" and "Krew".

	* Tell the "Leadership" that thanks, but no thanks.

   As I stated previously, if we have problems in Midnight Commander, I
will step in as its maintainer or suggest someone actively involved (or
which has been actively involved in the past) to do so.


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