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From: Fudoki Wilkinson <fudoki wilkinson gmail com>
Date: Jun 5, 2005 5:16 PM
Subject: Re: New Maintainer for MC Project?
To: Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com>
Cc: MC Devel List < mc-devel gnome org>

Mr. Icaza,

   Have read your egomaniacal screed and must thank you for giving me a good laugh this morning.  Can't say as I have ever been told I was without merit in area of computers and technology.  I'll be sure to look you up next April, assuming you are still with Novell then, and you can tell me to my face.  Perhaps by then you will have discovered who you have been insulting.  In the meantime, enjoy your job...

   Since it is not my policy to argue with fools, that's all I will say along those lines.

   See below:

On 6/5/05, Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com > wrote:

    Thanks for offering to become the new maintainer for Midnight
Commander.   I do not want you to become the "Project Manager" for a
number of reasons:

        * In open source, maintainers are chosen by their merits, before
          today I have never heard of you.    It is a meritocracy, you
          have shown none so far.

Well I suppose since I have avoided your all encompassing, omnipotent gaze  - that I must be a figment of my own imagination!  But your display of ignorance in no way belittles my accomplishments in the world of technology, up until my retirement at age 45 back in 2000.  I was making technological breakthroughs when you were still in Mexico dreaming of being an American.

You are a legend in your own mind, and you fantasize if you think that your recognition, or approval, means anything.  I helped build the infrastructure you now rely upon.  You would not have a job, were it not for me, and others like me - yet you think you are the innovator - you are the rooster, taking credit for the sunrise, my boy.

        * In open source, I have never seen a "project manager", this is
          an invention of the standard software industry.  There is no
          "project manager" for Linux, Samba, x-Windows.

Well you have now - write down this date!  To be lectured by a "Open Source sell-out" with a corporate title almost 40 characters long is somewhat amusing.  You should have saved your energy.

Can't understand how a big corporate mogul like yourself would get so upset about us *calling a thing by it's name*.  The only title I care anything about is "Retired" (at 45).  I guess it's hard for you to imagine a person who is not obsessed with constant ego stroking - but there are really some people who have nothing more to prove.  I am one of them.

        * Maintainers are people with deep understanding of the codebase
          and the language the code is written in, so they can make
          decisions as to what is best for the project on technical

Well I only know, have taught (college level), and programmed in somewhere between 12 and 15 programming languages - so I will not claim to be any kind of great technology genius like you.

Since I explained in detail why I was asked to coordinate the MC Project if we took it on, I will not repeat myself, other than to say that I rely on the programmers in the Krusader Project, who are Senior Programmers at Zend, The PHP Company - they are also the authors of Krusader, and pretty darn good programmers by any measure, probably better than you; Shie is a kernel programmer, who has ported Linux to the custom PowerPC SPC and written a book about it <Custom Linux: A Porting Guide> - published by the Linux Documentation Project - and Rafi is one of the main authors of the PHP value added modules. I find that quite sufficient, and believe it or not, don't really care what you think. That's why I didn't ask you....

I also think that the MC Project Developers would probably appreciate being listened to instead of being dictated to, and to have their opinions valued, instead of dismissed.  Your note never mentions the MC Developers at all.  Why?

As an engineer, application designer, and programmer for 28 years, I have found that programmers consistently make poor project managers, and would point to you as a great example of this, as others have done.  If you are such a great Manager, why has the MC development effort been stalled for three years?

Who knows, it might be a relief for the MC Developers to work with someone who has been successful in *all aspects* of technology, not *just* programming. To work with someone who respects what they do instead of letting them know they will never be as great as them.  One specifically asked for this in writing.  What was he thinking?

But I forget - *you don't work with the developers, or the project*, you're too busy with your day job.  Are you saying you are going to quit Novell and come and save Midnight Commander - of is this just caca del pollo jactancia?

Perhaps you plan to get Novell programmers to fill the gap, "suggesting" they help in their spare time.  Having only worked with Novell for about 19 years, I can only guess at their reaction to an approach of that kind, should they find out.  But how could that happen?

You may be a bright programmer, but you leave a lot to be desired when it come to being a human being.

        * You exhibit the behavior of many people who have no ideas
          whatsoever about the project but like big titles.  "Public
          Relations Coordinator", "the leadership", and "Project

And you exhibit the behavior of a myopic, egocentric programmer who thinks he knows everything and everyone else does not.

To date, any "ideas about the project" would surpass the *vaporware* MC users have gotten.

Again, it is so odd to be lectured by a Vice-President of etc., etc., etc., etc. at The Novell Corporation about "big titles".  To be told I "have no ideas whatsoever about the project", what, are you also a psychic? Since you are, then you know just how entertained I am going to be at what is in your future.  Yep!  I'm a psychic too.  But I keep my information to myself, if it would appear arbitrary, abusive, and insulting - especially if I don't know the person.....

Maybe you don't know who I am *because your experience is just too recent*, or your education too incomplete.  Not my problem - you're the one making a fool of himself; and doing it so well!

At least my note was friendly and did not verbally abuse people I do not know....

        * MC should not be part of the "Krusader family", it is
          an independent project, not part of a suite.

And soon, it will be NO PROJECT...  At least if it continues without some competent leadership.  Perhaps you or Pavel plan to quit your jobs?

Part of a suite??  I know English is a second language to you, but all my notes are very clear on how we view the MC Project.  Are you stoned or stupid?  "The Krusader family" refers to how people are treated in our project.  You know, the opposite of how you treat people.

The people in the Krusader Project are all friends, and we *act like it*.  We do not have the strife and drama that you seem to enjoy.  People on our team are happy. Can you say that?  Our users are happy.  Can you say that?  We are receiving great product reviews and great feedback from our users and distro makers.  Can you say that?

We are referring to a people family, NOT a product family... Comprende?

We keep our promises and don't walk away from half-done projects.  Can you say that?  We don't betray and lay off the people who helped us get ahead so we can make more money. Can you say that? We are driven by a quest for excellence, not ego. Can you say that?  Our developers always come first. Can you say that? When you are developer in our group, you are *treated like family* because we *really* care. Can you say that?  People are not just objects to be used, mere things, to us.  Can you say that?  No, you can not say that.....

For all you know, the person you so arrogantly insult could have a relationship with your employer that goes back decades.  Why he could be a joint patet holder with your employer, or have a brother on the Board of Directors; but you would have checked on this before insulting a stranger in a public forum, wouldn't you??  I mean. you're not a FOOL, are you?

And the people who really know me will be rolling on the floor laughing at you if they see your ugly note, with insult after insult, confidently delivered.  Or when someone emails them a copy..... But who would do that?  Is there *anyone* who would like to see you get the blunt end of something big right up the most delicate part of your career?  Probably not.  You have probably only made friends throughout your short career and have nothing to worry about.  Judging from this note to me, a complete stranger to you, I would say you're in real good shape....

        * I dislike people who misspell: "Krusader" and "Krew".

I dislike people who are self-righteous, self-promoting, abusive, petty, small minded, jerks.  Guess that means we won't be going out for drinks later....

        * Tell the "Leadership" that thanks, but no thanks.

If you want to tell them, tell them yourself. I'm not your errand boy.

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