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From: Fudoki Wilkinson <fudoki wilkinson gmail com>
Date: Jun 5, 2005 5:16 PM
Subject: Re: New Maintainer for MC Project?
To: Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com>
Cc: MC Devel List < mc-devel gnome org>

   As I stated previously, if we have problems in Midnight Commander, I
will step in as its maintainer or suggest someone actively involved (or
which has been actively involved in the past) to do so.

If you have problems??????? Have you been on another planet?  Oh, I forget, you have been in your "corporate ivory tower".  Our kind offer of help was in response to the friendly *invitation* of your current Maintainer, and the *posted messages* of your developers, and your users.  Perhaps you should talk to Pavel sometime, he welcomed and encouraged our offer. Alternatively, you could read the MC Mailing Lists.

Our kind offer of help was invited by the current Maintainer, who now has a problem on his hands, even larger than his previous problem.  You see, your insults and abuse has earned you a new "fan", and the first thing I am going to do as your newest "buddy", is get out of your way so you can show the world how you step in and save the day with your mighty power. Use it quick, because a fool and his power is soon parted, or was that a fool and his money?  No matter same thing, isn't it?

Accordingly, in consideration of Mr. Icaza's very ugly letter, it is clear that doing anything to assist or improve anything that might positively reflect on Mr. Icaza is something we would now avoid at all costs.  Some people deserve all they earn, and I promise I will do everything I can to see you get what you deserve.  You might just be surprised how good at it someone without merit or skill can be.

We appreciate Pavel's friendly encouragement, and Leonard's openminded and professional courtesy.  Leonard, we truly sympathize and would like to help, the door is always open; but there are just some people whose work is better left to decay, and Mr. Icaza has shown us our mistake in thinking MC was worth the significant erffort we were willing to put into it.  There's always Worker.

Roland must be Mr. Icaza's protege, just slinging abuse and saying no before the offer is even on the table; but he had already been identified as a "cry baby" and had no future with the Krew; mainly due to his private notes to our Marketing Manager blasting the MC Project and it's Maintainers.  Making a change is one thing, betraying your own team and backbiting is another.  Roland and Mr. Icaza should work well together.

The rudeness of Roland, and the immature, trailer trash, abusivness of Mr. Icaza are duly noted.  I'm sure the folks at Novell will be impressed with the way in which their Vice President has handled this situation.  Representing a major corporation is a big responsibility, a 24/7 responsibility, and I am sure your representation of them in this matter will not go overlooked, or unrewarded considering Novell's objective of successfully gaining positive "mindshare" in the Open Source Community.  With Mr. Icaza's representations style, we can all be sure a big impression will be made....  Remember what they were saying in the Annual Report, and those handouts.  You did 'em proud!  So you see, Mr. Icaza's note, and the follow up:
The question is whether he can execute successfully on those, and every
bit of his email rubbed me in the wrong way. Seen this pattern too many
times in the past to recognize it.

Really leave no decision to be made on my part.  Will Mr. Icaza ever know if I "can execute successfully"?  Only time will tell, but I will say he will definitely know if the answer is yes!  How will he know?  Well it *won't* be from an ugly letter from a stranger, I will tell you that much.

As of 1800hrs, 5 June 2005, the Krusader Krew's offer of assistance to the Midnight Commander Project is withdrawn.

We would like to apologize to the MC List for even suggesting you had a problem, dispite what your Maintainers, Developers, and Users may say.  Mr. Icaza has set us straight and we honestly meant no harm with our , we realize now, foolish offer of aide.

You can be sure that in future, should you need assistance or face difficulty, that we will not trouble you further with offers of generous help and unqualified support. 


W. T. "Fudoki" Wilkinson
Public Relations Coordinator
The Krusader Krew


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