Re: Introducing separate strings for quick bar items

On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 04:17:19AM +0200, Roland Illig wrote:

> This would result in a function like this:
> const char *translate_ui (const char *s)

With a simpler name, of course :-)))
I'm just wondering whether __() is fair, or should be treated as it belonged
to glibc private namespace.

Or we can just have a function that doesn't call gettext(), only strips,
then maybe you could write stripwhatever(_("...")). This way I guess the
source becomes more readable, and no extra command line option is needed for
msg* to recognise one more function name.

> {
>     const char *result = _(s);
>     if (result == s) {
>         result = strchr(s, '|');
>         return (result != NULL) ? result + 1 : s;
>     }
>     return result;
> }

So you only chop the first *| if the string wasn't translated. I think it's
better to always chop it since then translators can use Ctrl+Space in KBabel
or any other hotkeys to quickly tell that the translation happens to be the
same as the original text (which is quite often in en_GB, but also happens
for other languages). But if the real string doesn't contain a '|', which is
very likely, then omitting the prefix in the translation would also work.

> It is not needed. N_ is just an indicator for gettext(1) for considering 
> which strings should be translated. Finally, each string declared using 
> N_ must be passed through gettext() anyway.

Yep, thanks for refreshing my memories, now I remember how it works. :-))


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