Re: mc editor small changes III - unified diff

On Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 11:08:48PM +0200, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-08-13 at 15:25, Jindrich Novy wrote:
> > I can imagine the enhancement can be useful for XML/HTML/PHP, etc. but
> > maybe it could be a configurable feature if considered to be committed
> > at all.
> I like that idea.
i don't.

> An editor_match_bracket_open_str and editor_match_bracket_close_str
> option in ini.
i think it should be part of the syntax definition, which would be
extended from highlighting only.
actually, there might be more options in this cathegory.
another thing to consider: bracket matching is context-dependant (quoted
string, comments), which in turn is syntax-specific as well.

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