Re: LGPL code using GPL code


> > For any code that I wrote (you might check the CVS logs) I can grant
> > relicensing rights to the code under the LGPL.
> Well, that's a great start (assuming there is need to distribute vfs
> under the LGPL separately ;) ). Is this grant for the whole files or
> just the affected functions? I.e. do we need to separate the affected
> functions out?

For anything that you might need to split the VFS out.

Am personally not sure if the VFS on its own is very useful as today
there are a few other approaches that seem to have worked fairly well
(the podfuks of the world), but I figured at least I did not get in your
way of trying.

> And of course there is the issue of other people touching those
> files/functions. I believe everybody touching those files should grant
> such relicensing rights. Not sure how we should handle cases where the
> original author of patches is not named in the change logs.

Exactly.  You might be able to get this information from the ChangeLog
and from CVS.  It might be hard work though.


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