Re: LGPL code using GPL code


> That is quite a lot of work. I've done some more analysis based on your
> list of used symbols. All of the files below, except for glibcompat.c
> which is licensed LGPL, are licensed under the GPL. That means all of
> the below functions except g_strlcpy would need to be rewritten for vfs
> to live as a separate LGPLed entity.

For any code that I wrote (you might check the CVS logs) I can grant
relicensing rights to the code under the LGPL.

> src/execute.c:
> shell_execute

I dont remember that one.

> src/layout.c:
> get_current_type
> get_other_panel
> get_other_type
> print_vfs_message

I wrote those.

> src/main.c:
> cd_symlinks
> home_dir	(home_dir = getenv ("HOME"))
> mc_home
> shell		(shell = "/bin/sh")

free to relicense.

> src/panel.c:
> current_panel

free to relicense.

> src/setup.c:
> load_anon_passwd

free to relicense.

> src/slint.c:
> disable_interrupt_key
> enable_interrupt_key
> got_interrupt

I believe I implemented those.

> src/util.c:
> concat_dir_and_file


> decompress_extension

Jakub most likely did this and a few others.

> exist_file
> get_compression_type
> load_file
> mc_mkstemps
> name_quote
> skip_separators
> unix_error_string
> wipe_password

Did these two or four.

> src/utilunix.c:
> canonicalize_pathname

ditto (maybe Jakub and Radek also).

> close_error_pipe
> my_system
> open_error_pipe

Janne might have been the author of these (my_system I believe everyone

> src/wtools.c:
> input_dialog
> message

Radek wrote the original code, I rewrote it completely, so it might be
ok, except if people modified after.

For the record, I dont object to move any of my contributions from GPL
to LGPL if it serves the team's effort.


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