Re: Re[2]: file_mask_dialog() memory leak fix

Hello Pchel,

I wrote:
> > I committed it. Thx for Jindrich.
> Do you mean the whole mc-CVS-strippwd patch is now committed? Thanks.

My mistake. Could you please state more clearly what you committed? And
could you be so kind to commit the rest of that mc-CVS-strippwd patch,
or at least explain us why you left out extensive parts?

Pchel, this patch was one integral patch that should fix the whole issue
of passwords showing in FTP related dialogs. If there were issues with
the patch you should have discussed these so they could have been fixed.
I feel your approach of splitting up a patch that should have been
committed in one go is rather ugly. You are confusing at least me with
this approach, because it is totally unclear why you only committed
parts and not the whole thing.


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