Re: Re[2]: Current code snapshot

Hello Pavel,

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 05:01, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> >    Your version of snapshots has a problems also. :)
> I don't see anything funny in that.  I trusted you to make changes, but it 
> looks like we are further from the release than we used to be.  I'll be 
> forced to remove write permission from everybody who breaks the project 
> and finds it funny.

Well, luckily neither Roland nor Pavel are guilty of both. Ease up a
bit, will you? If you'd read my mail on this subject you would know
these changes are not introduced by Pavel.

If you had read Pavel's mail more carefully you would have understood
that this might be an issue with slang.h that is not as serious as it
looks at first sight (well, that is what I understand from Pavel, so I
might be wrong).

Also, for years Red Hat/Fedora use patches to change the build process
with regard to slang. I haven't discussed this with Jakub Jelinek (and
Vladimir Nadvornik for that matter) yet, but it might be that these
patches (specifically the mc-4.6.0-slang.patch which you can find inside
the Fedora mc src rpms) are still required to build on Fedora, even
without the utf-8 patches for mc.


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