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Dear "bulia byak",

Thank You for Your answer.

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> > 1) Make Alt-F1 and Alt-F2 to be as in Far program (and NC): make them to
open sub-window to change current path position (for example, "to go" to
another hard drive) [****];
> There are no "hard drives" on Linux.

What about /dev/hda, /dev/hdb. If they are in the power-set then they are on
Linux. But as for me I would prefer to call them "A1", "B1" and so on  :-).

> There are places you go to often,
> and that's what hotlist is for (ctrl+\). I added hotkeys to this
> ...

Very good!

> > 2) Make Ctrl-O to hide panel, but to save current state of the command
line [**];
> More knowledgeable people will likely comment on this, but I think
> this requires embedding the shell into mc which is planned for 4.7
> (according to TODO). I very much look forward to this, too.

According to my mind MC should not be the shell (rather to be a shell of the

> > 3) Make comands history to be saved regardless of running or exiting of
MC [**];
> It is saved, at least it works for me.

See email:
(From: "Jindrich Makovicka" <makovick kmlinux fjfi cvut cz>
To: "bulia byak" <buliabyak gmail com>
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Subject: Re: Question on developing)

> > 4) Make Alt+<String> to spring on files which begin with <String> (as in
Far and NC) [*****].
> This is done already, except that you have to press alt+s and then

Great! This feature I'm looking for 2-3 years.

I have more questions. One of them: What about the message "Commands
interpreter is occupied by another command" when you try to run program
(russian translaters found very funny translation of this message). This
message occurs very often. Standart solution Ctlr-O <Enter> Ctrl-O does not
always work.

Another one. Why does MC forget about sizes of the directories (after the
command "show directory size")?

And last one to this email. Why does neither Ctrl-Ins (Shift-Ins) nor
Ctrl-C(Ctrl-V) work properly in the editor?



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