Committing trivial changes


I'd like to commit some changes that convert many declarations of "char *" into "const char *". The latter is nicer because you can assume that the declared string will not be accidentally modified. This is especially important when passing string literals to functions or storing them in variables, as they may be placed in read-only memory. To distinguish read-write usage from read-only usage, strings which are not written to should be declared as "const char *".

Lately, Pavel banned me from doing these changes because mc-4.6.1 will be released soon, but I would nevertheless like to commit these, as they improve the code quality and also help me find memory leaks.

The changes will only affect the declarations of functions, not the code itself, as far as I know the C language. (And I know it quite well.) During this phase, I will not commit any changes to the code.

May I?


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