Re: Question on developing

bulia byak wrote:
3) Make comands history to be saved regardless of running or exiting of MC [**];

It is saved, at least it works for me.

Well, sometimes it is saved, sometimes not at all. It is an issue with more instances of mc running - when exiting, mc just writes its own updated history to the configuration file, overwriting the previous contents, which can contain another new entries written by another instance of mc. I think mc should just append the new entries instead of overwriting whole history. Another approach would be saving the commands immediately into the history file and the instances would check the history modification time and updating their own history when necessary (Alt-H, Alt-P, Alt-N etc). It would probably need some locking of the history file to avoid race conditions.

PS: Why there's not a Reply-to header set to the mailing list?

Jindrich Makovicka

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