Re: Question on developing

By the way, these and other notable differences between mc and FAR/NC
should be placed in the FAQ, to help new users coming from Windows.

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 12:49:34 -0300, bulia byak <buliabyak gmail com> wrote:
> > 1) Make Alt-F1 and Alt-F2 to be as in Far program (and NC): make them to open sub-window to change current path position (for example, "to go" to another hard drive) [****];
> There are no "hard drives" on Linux. There are places you go to often,
> and that's what hotlist is for (ctrl+\). I added hotkeys to this
> hotlist and made it appear on alt+f1/f2 in addition to ctrl+\, and
> this works very well for me. My hotlist contains entries for the CD
> mount dir, network locations, etc., in addition to my often-used
> project directories. I will update these (and other) patches for the
> current CVS as soon as I find a bit of time for this.
> > 2) Make Ctrl-O to hide panel, but to save current state of the command line [**];
> More knowledgeable people will likely comment on this, but I think
> this requires embedding the shell into mc which is planned for 4.7
> (according to TODO). I very much look forward to this, too.
> > 3) Make comands history to be saved regardless of running or exiting of MC [**];
> It is saved, at least it works for me.
> > 4) Make Alt+<String> to spring on files which begin with <String> (as in Far and NC) [*****].
> This is done already, except that you have to press alt+s and then
> type your string without alt. I got used to this and find that it's
> even more convenient than the old way, if only because you can press
> alt+s while typing again and this will take you to the next match, and
> because typing without having to hold alt is easier on my fingers.
> Also this frees a whole lot of other alt+letter keys that can be put
> to better use :)

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