Re: Be careful with latest CVS

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, Ali Akcaagac wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 00:32, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> > ... is a default button (marked by "[<" and ">]"), Enter would
> > activate it.  Otherwise, the focus moves to the next field.
> > I think that's a logical behavior.
> I think comparing from the way normal graphical Toolkits work (Motif,
> GTK+, QT, ...) that switching the focus to another 'widget' (or field as
> in this case) is the right way to go and that 'Return' should be
> explicit used in the "[<" and ">]" scenarios. Having Return go to the
> next field is highly irritating because you don't always think about
> wether to be in a FORM where you can press 'Return' to close it and
> where you can go from Field to Field.

I see.  I was unclear, Enter goes to the next widget only in the input
widget (see input_callback).  This code is prehistoric.  It's present in
revision 1.1 of widget.c.  Perhaps it's time to remove it.

> > We can close all dialogs on Enter. It's not hard to do, but I'm not
> > sure if everybody would approve.
> Well the way it was it around * <= 4.6.x was quite ok imo.

Just to clear misunderstanding, I'm not trying to change any user visible
behavior.  I'm trying to make the internals easier to understand so that
it's easier to develop more code.  I'm trying to make it unnecessary to
use workarounds to achieve standard functionality.  I'm trying to make it
easier to write and change user interface.

Ideally, the behavior should not change.  But it should also be
consistent.  As I said, Enter in the Find File dialog would go to the next
field.  That's what you don't like, and that's what it was in 4.6.0.  In
fact, it has been the standard feature of the input widget at least since
February 1998.  It was just masked in some dialogs, but not in others.

Pavel Roskin

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