Re: Be careful with latest CVS

On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 00:32, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> ... is a default button (marked by "[<" and ">]"), Enter would
> activate it.  Otherwise, the focus moves to the next field.
> I think that's a logical behavior.

I think comparing from the way normal graphical Toolkits work (Motif,
GTK+, QT, ...) that switching the focus to another 'widget' (or field as
in this case) is the right way to go and that 'Return' should be
explicit used in the "[<" and ">]" scenarios. Having Return go to the
next field is highly irritating because you don't always think about
wether to be in a FORM where you can press 'Return' to close it and
where you can go from Field to Field.

> I have added "OK" and "Cancel".  This also makes it possible to
> close the dialog by the mouse.

Yes this sound good.

> We can close all dialogs on Enter. It's not hard to do, but I'm
> not sure if everybody would approve.

Well the way it was it around * <= 4.6.x was quite ok imo.

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