Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander


> > I already pointed out to Linux. Few people run "stock" Linux, most
> > people run a distro-fork-Linux. There is nothing wrong with that.
> - And again some are trying to manifest Microsoft innovations on Linux,
> but most people already mentioned how much they dislike it.
> - Some people are using blog entries to write 20 pages about their
> business product + code examples to manifest Microsoft innovations, but
> most people use blogs to describe their daily feelings.
> - Some companies are trying to sell GNOME as their product, but most
> individuals are working on it as individuals in their spare time.

I see you could not resist the urge of bringing your flames from
another forum here.

If you do not like my blog Ali, do not read it.  It is as simple as

If you disagree with my vision for making Linux more ubiquitous, feel
free to build and construct your own vision, be constructive, do
something about it.


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