Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander


> But this argument is getting very very pointless, it seems Pavel apparently
> listens to noone, likes reinventing the wheel, dropping simple support for
> many OS'es, and his dictatoric means of maintaining resulted in the
> appearing of many mc forks...

And please stop the name calling, you have been treated with respect
here, we expect at least that from you.

Maintainers do not do everything contributors want for a variety of
reasons: Yes, your idea might be great, and might save us 40k of code,
and  might enable a floppy-installation of mc.   But the maintainer has
to carry-on, fixing bugs, improving the code, understanding the code.

Not everyone has the same goals, some people want features, some people
want to fit things in a 64k segment.   

I already pointed out to Linux.   Few people run "stock" Linux, most
people run a distro-fork-Linux.   There is nothing wrong with that.

Try to get Linus to add ifdefs support for the PalmPilot on the main kernel.


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