Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

It is my last message as it's offtopic here.

Ali Akcaagac wrote:

You didn't even tell if you tried the suggestion, so why
do you expect the problem to magically disappear?

Because, if I really need to investigate on my own fixing all the
problems found in hundrets of apps then I probably require a fulltime
job for doing so.

Trying one thing was really *so* hard for you? Owen didn't have
that problem on his system, and suggested to try simple fix,
still you didn't. And you are the author of CVSGnome Build Script,
so you are presumably very good at gnome building. Do you really
expect everyone to fix bugs (even their own bugs) fast when you
are not even trying to help? I did expect very long time ago, but
not anymore. It is not an ideal world. Owen also has private life,
and he runs a lot of projects besides gnome-build.

Unfortunately I have also private life, own business
and other things to care about. If the Maintainers of GTK+ for example
not properly test their patches that they committ then it's far from my
fault. All I can do is file a bug about it and hope that the experts on
their area gonna fix the problem quickly. I explicitly say 'experts'

I don't see why your reported bugs should be fixed quickly. Look at
all of the big projects bugzillas, they have unfixed bugs from a few
years ago. Such is life...

here because they seem to understand their stuff from top to bottom.
What do you expect next ? Should I investigate 2 weeks into Open Office
and fix a bug ? First of all I don't even know how the heck Open Office
code looks, like.

Sorry, you wrote nonsense. Noone speaks about openoffice or mozilla.
You were asked to try simple one line fix, as presumably Owen didn't
have that problem on his system, he could only verify that fix, if it
works for you, also doesn't break anything on his system.
I understand you were insulted by that NOTABUG thing, but I still think
it was a bad example (you even knew a workaround, so this was really a
non critical bug). To decide from such a bug that glib is not suitable
for mc is nonsense IMHO.

Sorry again for this offtopic,


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