Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 15:00, Gabucino wrote:
> But this argument is getting very very pointless, it seems Pavel
> apparently listens to noone, likes reinventing the wheel, dropping
> simple support for many OS'es, and his dictatoric means of main-
> taining resulted in the appearing of many mc forks...

Sadly but true. I can tell you that within the past 2 days a bunch of
private emails showed up in my mailbox from people who fullheartly agree
with my raised points and with my proposal in general.

I have been trying to do my best to convince the authority of this list
to have a fruitable change within Midnight Commander. I was kinda polite
and raised good examples. I do see that this Mailinglist has no special
purpose at all because 'no one cares a shit' for the opinion of other
people. It's just another USERS Mailinglist where unwanted people
participate for one persons entertainment.

I dislike doing another fork and I do belive that this can easy be done
in the core of Midnight Commander but doing this requires people to
participate and a maintainer who is open to other people.

Arpi, Oleg, you, me and I bet my pants that there are others as well see
this differently. We see a big problem here - not software technically
but more - people technically, thus I now need to raise a proposal to
fork from the current MC CVS branch and create a new mainstream.

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