Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 14:26, Nerijus Baliunas wrote:
> You didn't even tell if you tried the suggestion, so why
> do you expect the problem to magically disappear?

Because, if I really need to investigate on my own fixing all the
problems found in hundrets of apps then I probably require a fulltime
job for doing so. Unfortunately I have also private life, own business
and other things to care about. If the Maintainers of GTK+ for example
not properly test their patches that they committ then it's far from my
fault. All I can do is file a bug about it and hope that the experts on
their area gonna fix the problem quickly. I explicitly say 'experts'
here because they seem to understand their stuff from top to bottom.
What do you expect next ? Should I investigate 2 weeks into Open Office
and fix a bug ? First of all I don't even know how the heck Open Office
code looks, like. Secondly I do not intend to fix such a bug on my own
because I may be breaking stuff elsewhere. Last I do belive that the
experts are more suited for this kind of task.

> It was bad example.

No, I think it was one example. The bug got marked 'NOT A BUG' within a
couple of seconds after I filed it. I then opened it again and waited
until someone else besides me could confirm it to be a bug, now that
more GNOMER's jump on GTK HEAD this was the case.

I think we should seriously concentrate on Midnight Commander again. All
I can do is having normal conversation and try to convince people. I do
not intend to get offensive, nor do I plan to be unfair. I brought up a
lot of really good arguments.

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