Re: [PATCH] aclocal.m4: Enable configure to detect the presence of terminfo database on OpenBSD

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Hello!
> > Here is another simple patch to improve configure's behaviour on OpenBSD.
> I don't understand what exactly your patch supposed to fix.  What is the
> problem?  Have you tested your patch?  Does the problem go away?

Yes, the problem goes away. If it's not clear the problem is that 
configure doesn't detect the presence of terminfo database on OpenBSD thus 
thinking that terminfo is not available at all and this is not true.

Now, as I comes to testing the patch - yes I did and it worked. However 
reading your post I decided to verify again. This time I used gdb so I can 
be 100% sure - it turns out that the test I did was faked, not 
intentionally of course. The varibale TERMCAP was set in my .profile 
file and I didn't notice it. This and the following code in _SLtt_tigetent
doomed my test:

    /* If we are on a termcap based system, use termcap */
    if (0 == tcap_getent (term, ti)) return ti;

Please, read below...

> > [..]
> > terminfo(5) on OpenBSD says:
> > /usr/share/terminfo.db  file containing terminal descrip-
> >                         tions on OpenBSD
> OK, but your patch is for the MC_WITH_MCSLANG macro, which is only called
> when using the included S-Lang library.  S-Lang doesn't understand
> terminfo in a file.

> It seems to me that your patch would force mc to use terminfo on a system
> where terminfo is only available in an incompatible format.

Yes, you're right.

I admit that I didn't knew how S-Lang interfaces with the terminfo database
before I browsed through the code today. However, IMHO, what is 
incompatible here is the S-Lang library itself - there are a couple of 
routines which deal with the terminfo database and if S-Lang used them 
instead of emulating them everything would be fine.

Thanks, for catching this!

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