Re: Connection status on menu bar

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 03:40:22AM -0500, David Martin wrote:
> For the rest check in:

Hints line is now empty. When re-running mc it's back there.Hints
line is now empty. When re-running mc it's back there.

Now I know what might have confused you. Before pre2 I've reported a
bug which occured when one turned the hintbar on, then off and on
again in one minute time (before the message was refreshed) and made
hintbar look dirty (one could seen panels through it). I don't
remember exactly what happened, but I sent Pavel a patch, he decided
it makes too much mess in the code and applied his own which just
clears the hintbar completly (see also layout.c cvs log entry and diff
for 1.55).

So tou don't have to re-run mc - just wait a minute for hintbar
message refresh.


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