Re: [PATCH] aclocal.m4: Enable configure to detect the presence of ncurses on OpenBSD 3.2

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Hello!
> > OpenBSD 3.2 (I think also earlier versions, but cannot confirm) comes
> > with ncurses as the default screen library. However it is installed as
> > /usr/lib/, there is no libncurses in OpenBSD by default.
> Strange.  I won't be surprized if the link to libncurses is missing for a
> reason, e.g. because some ncurses functionality was dropped from the
> library.  I hope you have tested your patch.

As surprising as it comes, MC linked against OpenBSD's libcurses appers to 
work so far. I could raise the topic on OpenBSD's general mailing list,
but as MC appears to work fine I dont think it is necessary.

FYI, OpenBSD provides ncurses.h, ocurses.h and curses.h - curses.h appears 
to be a wrapper which includes either ncurses.h (new curses) or ocurses.h 
(old curses) if the macro _USE_OLD_CURSES_ is defined.

ncurses.h has this macro defined in it - #define NCURSES_VERSION "5.2". 
This header seems pretty much the same as the one on my RedHat 8.0 


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