Re[4]: MC topdir /.. remove!

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 16:49:21 +0100 "aliakc web de" <aliakc web de> wrote:

> - start mc 
> - change to the top dirs (root) on the left and the right panel 
> - open a new console and enter 'rm -rf dev' (just a theoretical example) 
> - mc still shows 'dev' in the 2 panels. 
> - as i said there are 3 ways to refresh the panels through the menu, through the shortkey and 
> by going up to the '/..' double dots and press return. 

1. I use Ctrl-R for refreshing - it's fast and doesn't require to move to the top.
2. Pressing on ".." would work only in root directory for refreshing, as
in any other directory you go to the parent directory.
3. IMHO you do smth wrong if you delete/create root directories so often.


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