Re: Re[2]: MC topdir /.. remove!

Nerijus Baliunas <nerijus users sourceforge net> schrieb am 22.01.03 16:30:07: 
> > Well how to explain the "problem" it's more a feel and use for a bunch of years and I find it  
> > totally annyoing how it is now it's not the way how I used to use it anymore.  
> Well it seems you are confusing smth. ".." still are in all dirs, only not in the root dir. 
No, I'm not confused it's now as you describe it but that's the point it should get back into root 
dir aswell as it used to be. Not because it behaves just more correctly it's also a matter of 
root dir looks usually like this when doing a ls -l 
.               <-- shows topmost dot for 'cd .' or refresh dir same as 'cd /' 
cd boot && ls -l 
.               <-- shows topmost dot for 'cd .' or refresh dir same as 'cd /' 
..              <-- shows the user that this is a subdir where he can go back with 'cd ..' 
That's how MC was before the patch was made it only showed a double dot which was a little 
mistake but the general operation was correct. Now please before replying try to understand 
the concepts and philosophy behind this situation before making changes like these and not 
simply accept patches and commit them. Needless to say that there wasn't a special reason for 
many years to have that one removed or changed to something else and this so close for a 
4.6.0 release. 
Example again: 
- start mc 
- change to the top dirs (root) on the left and the right panel 
- open a new console and enter 'rm -rf dev' (just a theoretical example) 
- mc still shows 'dev' in the 2 panels. 
- as i said there are 3 ways to refresh the panels through the menu, through the shortkey and 
by going up to the '/..' double dots and press return. last named one is the way i use it for 
years. usually the subdirs need to have a '/.' dot too to refresh the same dir when something 
got change but that was removed long time ago before I was able to point to the fact of the 
philosophy behind the filesystems. Now the last remaining bastion of '/..' in the top rootdir for 
me to use EVERY day and in every MC session I used got removed without any proper reasons. 
And now I really appreciate to have the '/..' doubledots back for a normal operation here or at 
least a preferences in MC or maybe for after mc 4.6.0 inclusion so we could have another 
discussion about it but not 3 days before the official release of mc after nearly 2 years. Please 
understand me and my point and put the doubledots back and please don't make this serious 
userrequest mature into some stupid silly not needed rant. The doubledots belong there. 
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