Re: MC topdir /.. remove!


> here a practical example 
> - open 2 dirs with MC 
> - now open another terminal in the console and remove one dir completely (from the dir you see 
> in mc) 
> - MC didn't updated this dir. 
> - the usual correct way to refresh this dir is either 'refresh it form menu or shortkey' or moving 
> with the cursor to the top of the dir (usually homekey or screen up) and press return on the '/..' 
> or '/.' bar. 

First of all, I never saw a "." entry in mc. I don't think it exists. So you cannot use this for refreshing your directory view even if you want to.

Second, ".." can be used for refresh ONLY in the root dir. In all other cases you just go to parent dir (and have to go back). I think it's a rather strange way to do refresh.

Third, why not just press ctrl-r. Works in any place, and you don't need to move cursor anywhere or go to any other dir. More importantly, the ctrl-r feature was DESIGNED to do refresh. Why not use proper tools for each task?

And finally, ".." does not mean "refresh". It means "go to parent". We need to be consistent: as there is no parent in root dir, there must be no ".." there. Displaying a "dummy" entry is confusing, not to mention screen space waste.

> So you basically cut some of the features of a correct directory management by implementing 
> that patch.

I don't think pressing ".." for refreshing root dir (and only root dir) can be called "correct directory management".

> So I really like to ask you to remove that patch again or make it optional in the prefs 
> e.g. 'Showing topmost dot in Root' or something but removing it completely is wrong and not 
> well thought. Please put it back in again. 

I think that this can be made optional, but only if someone gives a more convincing reason for the existence of ".." in root. 

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