Re: Re[2]: MC topdir /.. remove!

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 aliakc web de wrote:

> Example again:
> - start mc
> - change to the top dirs (root) on the left and the right panel
> - open a new console and enter 'rm -rf dev' (just a theoretical example)
> - mc still shows 'dev' in the 2 panels.
> - as i said there are 3 ways to refresh the panels through the menu, through the shortkey and
> by going up to the '/..' double dots and press return. last named one is the way i use it for
> years.

So explain please why couldn't you start to use the hot keys, Ctrl-R,
for the same purpose now? I don't think you'll need years to come
accustomed with the new method.

As for me, I think /. entry is useless (even annoying) in mc as there
are another ways to refresh panels.

By the way, Ctrl-R will refresh both panels,
while <move cursor up>,[Enter],[Enter] - only the current one.


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