Re: test results 156+ M


This problem is the main stopper for the 4.6.0 release.  I'd like to fix
it without having to install Solaris myself, so your help will be very
useful - it will save me a lot of time.

> > Applied above patch, and though the pach may have is own merit for being
> > applied anyway -
> > the runaway still exists on my configuration. (see thread).
> Well, can you get first 200 kB of this file with dd?
> Gzip/bzip2 it please and send me in private.

Just in case you need some help with dd:

dd of=mchlp bs=1024 count=200
gzip mchlp

If the resulting file is shorter than 40k, please sent it to the list,
otherwise please add me to the CC:

Pavel Roskin

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