Re: test results 156+ M

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Tribhuvan wrote:

> >Ok, from what I can see the command which is executed in this phase of the 
> >build is 'man2hlp' which is built from 'src/man2hlp.c'. Why don't you try 
> >to run by hand as make would do (see the Makefile in the offending dir) 
> >  
> >
> # cd src_dir/doc/it
> # ../../src/man2hlp mc.1 ./xnc.hlp
> ...154mb blitzkrieg starts....


> I don't have the experience to figure this out as yet.... but if you 
> have any more ideas for me to try
> let me know as I'm ready to test further as needed.

Do you have an experience with gdb ? If so - you can try to step the 
program. Probably there will be some place where something strange will 

I'd like to do this myself but I cant reproduce it here :( And I'm not in 
the mood to learn  man2help internals so that I can guess if 
there is a possible bug by just reading the source code...

You can also try to look at the output produced by man2help to see if 
there are some obvious patterns to indicate where the programs starts to 

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