uarc, ucab, uadf, uimg

I've made some new extfs file system scripts:

uarc is for reading ARC archives
ucab is for reading Microsoft Cabinet files (copyout takes much disk space!)
uadf is for reading Amiga disk images
uimg is for reading/writing FAT disk images

I hope some people will find them usefull. I did.

I have a proposal for future extfs feature:
Would it be a good idea to include a "test" function in every extfs script? This way one could open any archive with whatever extension with the same keystroke (something like Total Commander's Control-PageDown). This would be useful for e.g. archives that are made executable or disk images with the extension .img that can have FAT, ext2, or whatever.


MSN Zoeken, voor duidelijke zoekresultaten!

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