Re: Update TODO list


> > > Some more TODO entries:
> > > 
> > > The fishfs is a little buggy, if you start transferring a big
> > > file and then aborts with ctrl+c, it gets into unusable state,
> > > and thanks to the vfs dir cache you have to quit mc and restart
> > > to get it working again...
> > > Maybe someone familiar with fishfs code could fix it?
> > 
> > Question is if it is possible to fix fishfs. Maybe replacement
> why not possible? in worst case just reopen the connection if it fails
> (now it prints error message but does not work any more after
> ctrl+c)

Problem is that fish is a hack. Imagine putting file full of

rm -rf /

and remote machine going oom and killing both dd-s. I do not see an
easy way to fix that :-(.

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