Re: Update TODO list


> Some more TODO entries:
> The fishfs is a little buggy, if you start transferring a big
> file and then aborts with ctrl+c, it gets into unusable state,
> and thanks to the vfs dir cache you have to quit mc and restart
> to get it working again...
> Maybe someone familiar with fishfs code could fix it?

Question is if it is possible to fix fishfs. Maybe replacement
filesystem (sftp?) is better idea?

> The lslR-fs is cool, but it's extremly slow (try to enter a 80mb
> ls-lR file) and eats extremly high memory (aoround 200mb for that
> 80mb lslr file). I think we should write 'native' support for it,
> just like for tar and cpio. It could do an initial pass, searching

I don't think lslR is important enough for optimizing/rewritting into

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