Re: Update TODO list


> > Some more TODO entries:
> > 
> > The fishfs is a little buggy, if you start transferring a big
> > file and then aborts with ctrl+c, it gets into unusable state,
> > and thanks to the vfs dir cache you have to quit mc and restart
> > to get it working again...
> > Maybe someone familiar with fishfs code could fix it?
> Question is if it is possible to fix fishfs. Maybe replacement
why not possible? in worst case just reopen the connection if it fails
(now it prints error message but does not work any more after ctrl+c)

> filesystem (sftp?) is better idea?
no (at least for me)

> > The lslR-fs is cool, but it's extremly slow (try to enter a 80mb
> > ls-lR file) and eats extremly high memory (aoround 200mb for that
> > 80mb lslr file). I think we should write 'native' support for it,
> > just like for tar and cpio. It could do an initial pass, searching
> I don't think lslR is important enough for optimizing/rewritting into C.
It's probably not important for most people, but for example it is for me.
I have to search few TB ftp and nfs sites often, and doing it in the lslR.gz
file should be way faster, but since mc 'imports' lslR so slow it's not
much faster than searching over the network...
I don't ask you to do it, i'll do it, just don't refuse the patch :)
(anyway i can use it even if refused...)

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