Re: [OT] Re: rename improvement

On Wednesday 02 April 2003 22:30, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> > Hello, I like to hook up this eMail again. I still have problems with
> > this issue and F1...F12 - Shift+F1...Shift+F4 works perfectly but after
> > that not. Ok this is Linux console related. Could you please go a bit
> > deeper into this please and may give me a hint where I should look for
> > this ?
> man loadkeys
> man dumpkeys
> Different keymaps used by loadkeys use different sequences for Shift with
> functional keys.  There is no standard.  The terminal capabilities
> described in terminfo tie those sequences to F11-F20.  Since terminfo
> doesn't know anything about real settings (as shown by dumpkeys), you end
> up with different sequences for F11-F20.

Intresting, I was playing with loadkeys and here the results:

1) I removed the init script for a moment and rebooted into Linux Shift+F6
   worked perfectly.
2) Then I manually entered loadkeys with all it's combinations, various
   different Keymaps, default, us, de and so on even different command line
   parameters and they all remove the higher Shift+Fx keys.

This really sucks specially if you depend on a germany keyboard layout. To 
make sure I'm not referencing to old stuff here I would like to point out 
that I'm using this package to load german 
keymaps and like to verify if this is what you and others use as well or are 
there any new packages on different locations that I'm missing here.

This package seem to be outdated for 4 years now and I wouldn't wonder if the 
keymaps used in the datapackages doesn't match the ones from the Kernel 
anymore. Any ideas ?

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